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Specialist liquid fuels explained

Which heating oil is right for my application?

Discover which product is the best fit for your organisation's application. Choose the most appropriate liquid fuel for your organisation's requirements.

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What is Prema Heating Oil? [& how it reduces your energy costs]

Prema Heating Oil is purpose-designed for use in commercial heating applications. Discover how it can reduce your organisation's costs today.

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Red diesel duty is increasing. How will it affect my business?

Discover why the government is increasing fuel duty, how this will affect your organisation, and what you can do to prepare.

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What is HVO? A beginner’s guide

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is one of a growing number of ‘biofuel’ alternatives to diesel on the UK market, but it is often confused with other fuels. Here is our simple guide to HVO, how it’s produced and what makes Prema HVO different.

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Stick with fuel or go electric? Solving the problem with HVO

As pressure to act on climate change ramps up, many businesses are grappling with the potential costs of upgrading diesel plant to electric. But HVO can offer a quicker, more cost-effective route to decarbonisation.

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How HVO overcomes biodiesel's sustainability setbacks

Biodiesel has a tarnished reputation when it comes to environmental and ethical sustainability, often with good reason. Discover why our next-gen HVO is something else entirely.

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How to store HVO and the options available

HVO’s excellent stability makes it remarkably simple to handle and store compared to other diesels, and a variety of plug-and-play storage solutions are available.

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An easy-to-understand breakdown of the costs of switching from diesel to HVO

Regular diesel is cheaper than HVO, but that’s a false comparison. Here’s why Prema HVO offers a cost-effective route to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions over time, at a rate that suits you.

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