What is Prema Heating Oil? [& how it reduces your energy costs]

Written by Will Goldsmith

Prema Heating Oil is purpose-designed for use in commercial heating applications. Discover how it can reduce your organisation's costs today.

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What is Prema Heating Oil?  Keep reading to learn what it is, what components it's made from and why this affects your bottom line. 


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What is Prema Heating Oil?

Prema Heating Oil is a gas oil purpose-designed for heating applications. It provides steadfastly consistent and economical heat. It meets the British BS2869 Class D standard for heating oils. For more information, discover which fuel is best suited to your application.

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What is it made from? [& why it matters]

Prema Heating Oil is made from new, unused, oil components straight from the oil distillation column. Prema Heating Oil only contains trace amounts of FAME biodiesel or Processed Fuel Oil components.

Why is this important?

FAME (or Fatty Acid Mether Ester) is a common, low-quality biodiesel component. It is very susceptible to waxing, microbial attack (aka "diesel bug"), degradation and contamination. This gives rise to poor cold-weather performance and frequent line and filter blockages - resulting in unexpected downtime and maintenance. 

PFO (or Processed Fuel Oils) are used, repurposed and reprocessed oil products. They are cheap, dark coloured fuel components. PFOs are responsible for a wide range of reliability issues. These range from filter blockages, fuel pump damage, fouling of heat transfer surface and ash buildup. 

The cheapest, low-quality heating oils contain considerable quantities of both PFO and FAME. This results in unreliable energy production which suffers from unnecessary maintenance and unexpected downtime. 

Prema Heating Oil contains only trace levels of PFO or FAME. This ensures that our customers experience cost-effective, reliable and dependable heating energy.

Ready to learn more about PFO and FAME? 

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